...may my babes be wrapped

in the sheltering wing of God...

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My boys mean the world to me.

I look to them...for they hold

my tomorrows in thier hands.

This page is dedicated to my precious sons,

Zachary Sebastion


Nathaniel Jeremiah

(a poem for my young sons)

Little boy, tomorrow, you will be a man.

I hope to teach you everything I can.

So, that you will understand

How to live.

The earth is the Lordís.

He created this place.

He made the sun

That shines in your face.

He made the stars that twinkle so.

He made your smile

All aglow.

He made the flowers that bloom in spring.

Our good lord made everything!

In the sandbox, as you sift and play,

Remember child, God made today.

You are the steward of tomorrow.

D.R.A.L. 11/01/97

Zachary Sebastion

After nearly seven years of hoping and praying for a baby (and after 3 miscarriages)...we found that we were to be blessed! (What a joyful day that was! When the doctor told my husband and I...we literally jumped for joy!)

Pregnacy was wonderful with the anticipation of our baby to be! It was wonderful to know that after so many years a life was finally alive inside of me! I remember the first time I felt him move inside my womb...My husband and I were watching Beauty and the Beast on the Disney channel and the sun was just beginning to set...the light was peering through the window the last streams of sunshine for that day...that image is forever emblazoned in my mind!

The day Zachary came into our lives was a wonderful one! (even after 14 hours of labor ...) We had been in and out of the hospital so many times due to false alarms ( as is often the case with babies) over the past two months and I was sure that they were just going to send me home AGAIN. But they didn't. (Not until they sent me home with my preciuos bundle!)

What a wonderful day that was! As hard as natural childbirth was I loved it knowing that a special child would come ...

Zachary Sebastion
6 lbs. 8 oz, 19 1/2 in.
Dec. 07, 1994

Nathaniel Jeremiah

One week before Zachary's first birthday we had to make a special trip to the hospital ( I was flat on my back with pain) and we found that what we thought was the flu was actually a baby. ( The doctor came in and said..."the rabbit just died"... we thought he was kidding! )

On Zacharys birthday it was confirmed by ultrasound ! We were going to be parents again! When the doctor told us we nearly fainted !........ After so many years of trying and not concieving we had a beautiful boy and now we were going to have another? Wow!

Nathaniel and I had a difficult time of it during the pregnacy what with trips to the hospital and special medications for my gallbladder. ( I was hospitalized after an attack and they wanted to do surgery but held off not wanting to harm me or the baby.)

In June of 1996 Nathaniel Jeremiah was born. He is a sweet sweet spirit and a welcome addition to our family!

Nathaniel Jeremiah
6 lbs. 7 oz, 19 1/2 in.
June 30, 1996

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