Darkness has come.

The streetlights appear making all in the light look alive.

As I sit in "Joes Diner" and watch the neon light flicker off and


"eat at joes"

"eat at joes"

I see the dead walk by.

The night people dressed in glitter and lace,

with their painted on faces and likewise smiles,

live life in the fastlane

in the dark shadows of the night.

"coffee with cream, no sugar please….. and a jelly donut –stale"

I sip

and chew

and watch

and wait

for something to happen.

But does a tree make a sound as it falls if no one is around

to hear it?

All I see are the norm.

Through this pane of glass I see drunks, druggies, pimps, pushers

and whores

Living life, or death-as it may well be-, in the darkness.

But what is light for with to see the pain to the blind and dumb

who wish to see only shadows?



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