(a lullabye for my babies)

Close your eyes

little one.

Drift off to dreamland.

And, God will protect you

Underneath His sheltering wing.

Go to sleep

Little one.

Dream of tomorrow;

Where sunshine and bluebirds singing

Will the morning bring.

D.R.A.L. 1994


The little nippers,my sweet little men,

Make me smile again and again.

We waited so long for them to arrive.

I am so glad that they are alive.

My boy children, #1, #2,

Never ,leave me lacking something to do.

Toys to pick up, diapers to change,

Something so natural,some days, feels so strange.

For I remember the day, not so long ago,

When I too was a child. In my mind I know.

These little boys will grow to be men.

Things will feel really strange then.

D.R.A.L. 12/97

"baby to boy"

The little man,

He sits.

He stands.

Before he could only lie.

Heís come a long way baby!

From an infant to a toddler,

I have seen him grow.

From sheer babbling to words,

I hear him speak.

From barely moving to walking,

I see him progress.

Tomorrow he will be a man.

Time goes by far too quickly for this mama.

I cry tears of joy.

My baby has become a little boy.

D.R.A.L. 12/97

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"little boy..."

Little boy, tomorrow, you will be a man.

I hope to teach you everything I can.

So, that you will understand

How to live.

The earth is the Lordís.

He created this place.

He made the sun

That shines in your face.

He made the stars that twinkle so.

He made your smile

All aglow.

He made the flowers that bloom in spring.

Our good Lord made everything!

In the sandbox, as you sift and play,

Remember child, God made today.

You are the steward of tomorrow.

D.R.A.L. 11/97

a little something to keep in mind...

Turn off the tv

Put the work away

Today is a day for fun and for play!

Donít pick up the toys

Donít even say no

There are more important things to be done donítcha know!


My little boys truely are my inspiration in life. (As, I am sure it is with all parents who love thier little ones.)They make me laugh and they make me smile even on the days when I would think that a smile is impossible.

My little boys bring me great joy in life. For, through them I see the joy in today and the great promise for tomorrow.

It is a wonderous thing to see your child take his first breath, his first step; to hear him voice his first word. And to know that from somewhere deep within you the seed for this little person came is a truely amazing thing.

I am in awe of the wonder of youth...


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