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I have been urged by several friends to publish my poetry works here on the web for all to see. Hence, the POETRY SAMPLER is born! Here you will find some of my various poetry works and as this progresses perhaps links to other poetry sites as well!!!(if you have a site you are interested in linking here please e-mail me at eden@lightspeed.net)
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Treehugger's Poetry Sampler

"woman like a flower"

Daisy’s and gardenias

She wore in her hair.

A skirt of denim, blue,

And chambray shirt

She donned.

Adorned with a smile,


But a smile nonetheless,

She walked into the room.

Proud and full of form

She stood,

Daring anyone to criticize her.

From life’s trials she has grown.

At last,she has blossomed.

Like the flowers in her hair,

She has bloomed.

From child,

She has become a woman.

No longer a frightened little girl,

She stands.

Self assured and strong.

Stand woman stand.

D.R.A.L. 12/09/97

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